Swisher Femco TuffTop White Sunshade SS4444W

Wholesale ATV

$361.90 $452.00

SKU: P1624S


 Wholesale ATV ®




  • Designed for smaller compact tractors and R.O.P.S. equipped Zero Turn Mowers
  • Protects the operator from direct sun exposure
  • Heavy duty construction built to last
  • Attaches to a 2”H x 2”W or 2”H x 3”W R.O.P.S with a square tubular form factor
  • UV Protected Thermoplastic Frame
  • Overall Height: 4-7/8" (Height above roll bar: 5" Vertical) Width: 44" Length: 44"
  • Coverage: 13.23 sq. ft.
  • Actual Tilt Range: 16 degrees forward or Backward
  • Initial installation time approx 2 hours then seconds to take off and reattach.

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