New 200cc - Trailmaster Taurus 200U UTV Side by Side with High/Low Gear

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Wholesale ATV



The Taurus 200U utility side by side is equipped with a 9.5 HP air and oil cooled high performance 177cc GY6 engine with internal reverse set up. It comes standard with a High/Low gear. The low gear mode has a 40% better climbing ability than the non H/L version and can climb 30 degree slopes with ease. The Taurus 200 has significantly greater torque than the non H/L gear machines and is equipped with 4 wheel independent suspension for optimal driving.

 Best of all, this model comes with a 220lb capacity utility dump bed.

Includes: (2) Keys, Factory Documentation,  & 1 year Warranty

Colors: Red, White, Blue, Black Carbon, and Tree Camo


Optional: Folded windshield - $249

Optional: 24” LED light bar -  $149

Optional: 2000 lbs Winch  $149


The following parts are covered under warranty, along with their warranted period:


Covered Parts                                                                        Covered Period
FRAME:                                                                                         1 year
ENGINE:                                                                                        1 year
CARBURETOR:                                                                             90 days
MUFFLER:                                                                                     90 days
A-ARM, STRUTS, AXLES:                                                            90 days
ELECTRONICS:                                                                            90 days
BATTERY:                                                                                     30 days
SPEEDOMETER:                                                                          30 days
TIRES & WHEELS:                                                                       30 days
BRAKES:                                                                                       30 days
CLUTCH & TAV, CHAIN                                                               30 days
CABLES                                                                                        30 days


Features & Specifications:

  • Equipped with H/L gear, low gear mode has 40% better climbing ability than the non H/L version & can climb up to 30 degree slopes with ease.
  • Air and oil cooled high performance 177.3 cc GY6 engine with internal reverse set up, with rear shaft direct drive, more reliable power transmission, higher transmission efficiency;
  • Four-wheel independent suspension for much better driving experience
  • Heavy duty frame, net weight 880 lbs, max load 800 lbs 
  • Digital speedometer/odometer
  • LED Hi/Lo beam head light
  • Rear view side mirrors
  • Sporting steering wheel
  • Turn signals
  • Safety harness seatbelt
  • Big dual purpose tires: F / R: 24 x 8-12 / 24 x 8-12
  • Polished aluminum wheels
  • Hard top
  • Adjustable heavy duty front and rear shock absorber
  • Rack and pinion steering wheel
  • Front and rear hydraulic disc brake
  • Large gas tank
  • Horn

 ****Fully Assembled Vehicles may not be able to fit on lift gate and may have to be picked up at your local shipping terminal.


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