New BOOM SR6 Vader GEN II 125CC Motorcycle Scooter BD125-10

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$1,749.00 $2,373.99

SKU: P8179S

Featuring the New Generation II 2021 125cc Boom BD125-10 SR6 Vader Motorcycle. Generation 2 clone motorcycle! Street Legal in all states, including California! The Boom SR6 BD125-10 125cc is the perfect mobility bike. With its all new sleek design for 2021, this bike will definitely be turning heads as you ride. With its amazing style and performance, comfort and style is the motivation of this bike. 4-speed smooth manual clutch will have you enjoying the ride. The Generation II Boom SR6 Vader 125cc Motorcycle is street legal in the USA. Please contact your local DMV for registration details. Parts readily available for this bike, visit


    • FREE Residential Home Shipping to ALL States (Continental)
    • FREE 1-Year Parts Replacements Warranty 
    • FREE 1-Year Engine/Transmission Warranty 
    • Upgraded Dual Front Headlights  
    • Upgraded Alloy Rims
    • Upgraded Front+Rear Disc Brakes 
    • Upgraded CDI Chip 
    • Upgraded Digital Speedometer 
    • Upgraded Tuned up Engine
    • Top Speed 65mph
    • Newest Clone
    • Newest Body Style
    • 12" Aluminum Wheels
    • Two-Tone Paint Job 
    • Street Legal
    • MCO Title + Bill of Sale Included in Box!
    • Flexible LED Turn Signals
    • Sleek LED Front Headlights with High Beams
    • Sleek Rear View Mirrors
    • 4-Speed Manual Clutch
    • Electric Start
    • Comfortable Leather Padded Seating
    • Horn
    • Digital Speedometer
    • License Plate Holder
    • EPA & DOT Approved
    • C.A.R.B Approved for California
    • BD125-10



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