New Vitacci Rocket 150 - 150CC Fully Auto Motorcycle Style Scooter

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The Rocket 150 Gas Motorcycle is built to look different, the bike is not like any other kind or any other type of clone. You will guarantee to get a WOW on road.


Rocket 150's are well-suited to tight trails or long days exploring off the beaten-path. We pride ourselves in doing right by the customer, we go the extra mile to give you the best product and the unbeatable price possible by allowing you to buy for less from us. Many of the products we sell are manufactured in Honda and many other famous name brands' style with same facility as the Honda engine to bring you the greatest products available on the market today. Why not enjoy the same experience and fun with a Honda-like item by saving a bunch!


The Rocket 150 is powered by a compact, air-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine displacing 49.4cc. Adding to the special characteristics of this engine is a wide-ratio Automatic transmission that you can complete control of the bike in all situations when you riding. 13" sports tires are designed to travel on all different types of terrain. They are strong and can take a beating.


A high-capacity starter motor and compact, high-output battery helps insure quick and reliable starts under virtually all conditions a rider might face. A simple push of the starter button is all that's required in the event of a stall and can often be accomplished while still moving.


Key Features

Classic Scooter Headlight. Bright enough to light your way through those wide open roads. Provides a large area of coverage for nighttime driving.
2.Durable Seating: 
Have an enjoyable ride resting on this very comfortably padded seat. 
3.Rear-View Mirrors:
Wider and brighter mirrors allow for greater visibility to see other drivers when you are changing lanes.


  • Fast 150cc Single Cylinder 4-stroke Engine 
  • Automatic Transmission! 
  • Front Disc Brake and Rear Drum Brake 
  • Race-developed & lightweight conventional forks delivers superb feedback and consistent performance.
  • Big front and rear 13" DOT approved tires 
  • Aluminum Rims 
  • Some bolt-on assembly required


  • Rear Center Taillight
  • Rear Amber Turn Signal Lights
  • Rear Licesen Plate


  • Rear Coilover Suspension


  • Front Dual Headlight


  • Newly Designed Rear View Mirror
  • Firm Grip Handle Bar
  • Electric Start
  • Headlight Switch
  • Turn Signal Light Switch


  • Digital Cluster
  • Digital Speedometer
  • On Turn ON/OFF Key Insert
  • Come with 2 sets of Keys


  • Large Gas Tank
  • Lockable Gas Cap
  • Aluminum Gas Cap


  • Front Disc Drilled Disc Brake
  • Liquid Pressure Brake Caliper
  • Front Hydraulic Suspension


  • External Frame Design
  • Stronger Frame
  • Better Frame Support


  • Rear Aluminum Wheel with Chrome lip
  • Rear Aluminum Muffler
  • DOT Approve Rear Tire


  • Reliable GY6 50cc Engine
  • Rear Adjustable Drum Brake


Introducing the ALL NEW SRT-150cc Fully Automatic Motorcycle! Equipped with a 150cc GY6 Engine for a durable and safe riding experience. Enjoy the same experience and fun while riding a motorcycle. The Rocket is well-suited for long rides to work and/or long joy rides to the park. This engine is displacing 149.6cc meaning the SRT-150 Rocket is street legal and can also be taken on all FREEWAYS! Adding to this, this bike is equipped with a CVT Automatic transmission for very easy riding and great for first time riders. 

If you are looking for a super stylish and popular bike to ride around the city and can be pushed to its limit, the 150cc SRT Rocket is the bike for you! 

The GY6 4-Stroke Scooter Engine comes standard with two overhead valves. This engine is originally found in the Elite and Spacey line of motor scooters. This makes it very easy to find spare replacement parts and upgradeable aftermarket parts to make your scooter different than everybody else’s.

Always wear DOT approved helmet and safety gear (goggles, gloves, etc.) when riding.

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ROCKET 150cc


4 stroke, Single cylinder, air-forced cool


Engine type:





Forced air-cooled four-stroke single cylinder

Max horsepower


Max torque




Max speed(km/h):

80 , 50 MP/H

Climbing ability:



Starting system

Electric starter:

 Kick starter



Engine oil:


Gear oil









Driving wheel:

Suspension, front/rear

Brakes, front/rear:

Front disc / rear disc

Tires, front/rear:

Front : 130/70-12, Rear : 130/70-12

Fuel capacity/type




Max load:







OA  L*W*H(mm):



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